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Chilli Paste with Soya Bean Oil, 260 g, Aroy-D

Pasta chili z olejem sojowym 260 gPasta chili z olejem sojowym
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One of the most versatile ingredients of Thai cuisine. It contains almost all tastes associated with Thai cuisine without the use of traditional herbs. As the Thai name implies, the paste to the chilli relish category (Nam Phrik). But it's also a condiment, also used as a dip or as a spread. The paste is eaten straight from the jar. And it is used in cooking of plenty of dishes.

Nam Phrik Phao is made of chilli, which together with other ingredients is ground into pulp and boiled until the consistency resembles jam.

Chilli paste is used in many dishes of Thai cuisine. Wherever a sweet, slightly spicy, fishy and smoked taste is detected in soups or sauces, it is most likely that this paste was used. Tom Yum soup, some versions of Tom Kha Gai, spicy clam and basil stir-fried dishes are examples of dishes in which Nam Phrik Phao is adopted.

Preparation tips: 1. Spread it on a piece of bread for exotic taste. 2. Use as a dipping for fresh or even steamed vegetables and also with shrimp crackers or chips.
3. Use for spicing Tom Yum soup and to Tom Yum soup recipes to enhance taste and colouring. 4. An excellent accompaniment for steamed jasmine rice

Ingredients: Sugar, onion, garlic, vegetable oil (soya bean oil), chilli (10%), shrimp powder, fish sauce, salt, MSG (E621) as flavour enhancer.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

Allergy Advice: Contains shrimp powder, fish sauce.


Typical nutritional information

100 g
1627 kJ / 389 kcal
19 g
- of which saturates:
2,9 g
45 g
- of which sugars:
45 g
1,6 g
8,6 g
4,8 g

Source: manufacturer's data

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