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Mun mushroom 80 g
Mun mushroom 80 g
Mun mushroom 1 kg
Mun mushroom 1 kg

One of the basic ingredients of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine
unit: 80 g, 1 kg
brand: Merre

Dried mushrooms (Black Fungus, Wood Ear, Mu Er, lat.. Auricularia Polytricha)

Wood Ear mushrooms are one of the basic ingredients of Chinesse cuisine. Available in dried form, after soaking they return to their original shape and size.

Black fungus are valued because of their culinary goodness, but also because of medical properties which have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

The Chinese believe that regular consuming improve the general condition of human being. They also relieve cough and facilitate breathing in lung diseases. Perhaps the most important feature of this popular mushroom is its ability to reduce blood clotting and improve circulation, confirmed by modern research. This feature is likely the reason of the surprisingly low incidence of coronary heart disease in China.

There is another very similar mushroom, Cloud Ear (Latin: Aricularia auricula), which is common all over the world and can also be found in southwestern Poland. Biologically different (e.g. A. auricula is smaller), but their culinary values are identical.

Preparation:  Soak in water for about 20 minutes (the soaked mushroom grows at least five times in size), cut it, add then to the dish while cooking or frying.

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